As a former Administrator, I had the opportunity to review Arisone Academy before it was launched. I must say, it´s a genius idea to offer training to candidates, assigned to their own smartphones and being able to track their accomplishments instant.

This training allows candidates to set their own schedules and study at their own pace. No need to show up at a physical location for the training. This convenience saves time for both the candidate and for an Administrator.

When it´s time for ongoing training, the Administrator can just assign required training to the staff, perfect.

Every training activity is logged and can easily be printed out as proof of staff completed training.

The caregivers receive a very nice certificate for their accomplishments.

Highly recommended.


Former Homecare Administrator

I am a caregiver and I have been working with many different homecare agencies. You must always do orientation before you get started. They´re all the same, but still different.

Sometimes it feels like there isn´t enough time to do the orientation because the agency must cover shifts as quickly as possible.

With Arisone Academy, I could do the training at my own pace. In fact, I learned a lot. I had unlimited attempts on tests which felt very good, and I always received a full score in the end.

I received a great certificate of achievement when I had completed the training.