Founder Ms. Anna Nadmyr

Ms. Anna Nadmyr is a Registered Nurse and entrepreneur in her home country of Sweden. After working for some years as a Nurse, Ms. Nadmyr started her own nurse staffing company in 2000. Ms. Nadmyr staffed hospitals, facilities, primary care centers, and home healthcare agencies in Sweden with Registered Nurses. Staffing continued for two decades.

In addition to this, Ms. Nadmyr has developed a concept for Occupational health services, specialized healthcare services that focus on promoting and maintaining the health, safety, and well-being of employees in the workplace, (2010).

Ms. Nadmyr started a primary care center that provided comprehensive and coordinated healthcare services to patients. A primary care center is the first point of contact for patients seeking medical care, and it was designed to provide a range of services, that are accessible, affordable, and responsive to the needs of the community, staffed by healthcare professionals. (2013).

Ms. Nadmyr founded a home care company in Colorado, Arisone Home Care (2014). Ms. Nadmyr has also worked with compliance in home healthcare, which refers to adhering to established standards and regulations to ensure that the care provided to patients meets the required quality standards. (2016–2017).

Over the years, Ms. Nadmyr has continued to study rehab, organizational development, business development, finance, and quality assurance. Ms. Nadmyr initiated (2006–2007) an exchange project between Swedish and Ethiopian nurses, with the aim of exchanging experience.  Ms. Nadmyr has done thorough market research for homecare needs in southern Europe, Spain and China, Shanghai, (2010, 2014–2018), for the purpose of expansion.

Over the years, Ms. Nadmyr has accumulated solid experience and a large network in homecare and healthcare. In 2021, Ms. Nadmyr began to develop Arisone Academy for homecare agencies, to effectively raise skills for caregivers. The vision is to encourage homecare staff to learn and to continuously improve and acquire new skills and knowledge in homecare.